Lithuanian singer, songwriter living in London. Remember me, my voice is sweet, my heart is big, my soul is free. I am ALNA, a peaceful warrior against injustice and systems, where is no space for loving life & living dreams. I am ALNA, a mum of two, somebody with ambition, attitude and ability- a rebel, who will fight for truth until every child on this Earth is free.  I sing, I stand and fight for One Love Nation.

Burned & Lost


Lithuanian soulful rock artist ALNA is turning heads across the globe. Fans describe her as “rockier version of Norah Jones” and describe her music as sensual and soothing.

In the ocean of rock music, ALNA stands out not only with her magnetic soulful and conscious messages, but also her well-distinctive angelic vocals.

Having released debut EP “Live It” in 2018 and various singles after that, searching for her true sound ALNA participated Lithuanian X factor in 2019/2020 and was one of the finalists. Since then ALNA has released soulful rock album “Hey You!” And is now working on releasing Soulful Acoustic Album “Streets Of Gold”.

ALNA sets bar for both: independent artist and soft rock genre alike. Being a full time mum and a family lady, ALNA is not an example of convenient musician who’s always gigging and touring,- she is a recording artist, who plays lives music on her own terms. ALNA believes that her mission is to inspire other mothers and kids alike, to live it fully.

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