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ALNA is Lithuanian origin, but London based Singer / Songwriter. Since 2018 January has written 200+ songs, and is planning how to get it all released as soon as possible.

ALNA describes herself as a Recording Artist for her experience in music world has been closely connected to writing and recording. It’s also true that singing live is one of ALNA’s greatest passions, so she throws unexpected Live Gigs in North London (where she lives) and Vilnius (her birth town) as often as she can.

The beginning of music career started with the song “Live It”, in January 2018, when after writing and recording the song, ALNA went out to find herself a producer. Picture North London, Highgate and pub Woodman. That’s the place where she met Phil Sorrell – multi instrumentalist, producer, of Caretaker Studios, who has since then produced over 50 Indie Rock / Alternative Rock tracks with ALNA.

Even though ALNA is now making all kind of music of many different genres, she open heartedly talks about the type of music that she loves most – acoustic music (vocals and guitars). The reason behind it – it is real; true and honest, just like me. I am ALNA – honest musician. This is who I am and music is what I do.

Music in my life

My childhood playlist contained 88 songs. Bits of Wheatus, Maroon5, Queens and King’s of Lion… This was great… So I kept singing.

Later, when I was 15, I’ve heard Jocelyn Brown singing “Somebody Else’s Guy” and was drifting – this was the type of music that touched my soul and inspired me to search – what was it? The style, the bass, the happiness and wildness of it, it was already in me… 

This is how I’ve discovered Funk, … Great inspirations of mine are Kool and The Gang, Stevie Wonder, George Michael, Prince, Bill Withers, Roxxetes, Carpenters, Norah Jones … their honesty, ability to capture a story & embed it with emotions, was very familiar to me. That was the moment when I knew that I was born to be one of them.

At that point I had to start writing…. So I did. I wrote in the morning, and at night… as much as I could, while having two babies in my hands… – it was a real juggle!
But, 3 years later I am here, searching for my route to you! 

Proud to be me. I’m also grateful to all the beautiful people who helped me to get here! It certainly was a journey, that made me stronger and fearless. 200 songs later and we are only just beginning! 🙂

Hey You! – I am ALNA, honest musician. I am good, I am bad, I am happy, I am sad. That’s me. I don’t fake emotions, I don’t wear make up, don’t use autotune.
I go on stage being imperfect, because that’s me – imperfectly brilliant.

Picture me with a guitar, singing original music. Singing it to You. It sounds great, it feels even better, we are all honest, we are special, we love every moment of life. With our open hearts we inspire others to join us, making this world a better place!


Singer, Song Writer


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