Hello! I am ALNA

With a touch of Angelic Softness, I Write & Record Soulful Music...


Lithuanian river, the singer & songwriter –
the guardian of Angelic Softness.
I make soulful music for every moment of everyone’s life! 


Alna is hugely gifted songwriter and singer. Her songs are powerful and poetic and her voice is pure and beautiful.
Glenn Robert Johnson


Your albums sound amazing!!! So so close is the vocal it speaks to anyone listening!!
Jon Swordy

Listen To Your Heart
Relaxing and Soft Acoustic Music by ALNA

Streets Of Gold
Acoustic Solo Album by ALNA (2021)

Indie Rock Album by ALNA & Phil Sorrel (2021)

Angelic Motivation

Angelic Fantasy
Best Of Soft Rock, Electronic music, Indie, Acoustic, House and more... 
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I am ALNA. Lithuanian singer, songwriter living in London.  
I am ALNA, a peaceful warrior against injustice and system, where is no space for loving life, living dreams and being loved.
I am ALNA, a mum of two, a sister and a friend with ambition, attitude and ability, a rebel, who stands for truth and unity, to inspire and give hope to every soul.
I sing, I stand and live for One Love Nation.


Who said that mum can't be a Rock Star?
 Join the tribe of mums - go getters. And remember, whatever you do, keep rocking!

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